Car Lift and
automated parking

Automated parking

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The safety light curtains are placed on board of the platform at the entry and exit site of the vehicle, in order to ensure the safety of installation during the movement of the platform

Request is to protect vertical transporter and shuttle platforms for automated car parking to avoid the dangers of crushing and shearing during the movement of the platform.
The safety light curtain is part of a series of safety devices that perform the compliance of the parking system with 2006/42/EC Directive.

Automatic Car
wash system

Car wash system

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The use of a Micron Measurement Light Curtains in Automatic Car Wash Systems

In order to achieve significant cost savings and reduce environmental impact, modern car wash facilities allow to adjust the quantity of detergent dispensed and to select the most appropriate washing program automatically.
It is not therefore enough to measure the height of the vehicle and consequently adjust the movement of the brushes, but it becomes necessary to recognize dimensional characteristics and shape of the vehicle.

Waste compactors

Satellite/rear loader compactor

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The safety light curtains are placed on board of the compactor vehicles to prevent accidents during the compaction of waste phase

The safety light curtain must prevent accidental access of people or objects in the loading area of garbage compactor during the waste compaction phase. On the other hand, it doesn’t interfere during the loading phase of the waste (manual or automatic) and during the unloading phase of the vehicle.

For satellite/rear loader compactor, the light curtain is positioned in the rear area of the waste loader to protect the operator during the compaction phase in which the compacting mechanism (shovel and sled) is active.