Mauro Ferrero

Sales Director

In the commercial business since the beginning of his career, he has been ReeR's Sales Director in 2017. Since his entry, the company has achieved new goals by always putting the customer and his needs at the heart.

«The market is constantly growing: industrial automation is experiencing a very interesting period. The customer wants to talk to someone who knows the field and is able to provide him with appropriate solutions that are compatible with his budget».

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Daniele De Rossi

Market Manager Italy

In the company since 1988, these years have seen the company grow and evolve to become what it is today: a market leader in optoelectronic safety barriers.

«First and foremost, we offer product and service quality, attention to customer interaction at every stage of the relationship, before and after the sale.
And we are a manufacturer that, in addition to the quality of its devices, is able to provide the most appropriate solution tailored to customers' needs».

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Marco Paglietta

Marketing and Market Development Director

In ReeR since 2016, from 2020 he holds a strategic position as Director of Marketing and Market Development.

He spends his time between the company’s headquarters in Turin, Italy and various countries worldwide, actively seeking new business development opportunities.

«We currently have direct subsidiaries in China, Korea, the USA, Spain, and starting from April, in India. Our objective is to enhance our support to business partners across Europe and the rest of the world, while considering expansion into emerging markets with great interest».

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Michele Cassina

HSE Executive – Customs Executive

A 53-year-old nuclear energy expert, Michele Cassina has been with Reer since 2014, when he joined as Safety Manager. Subsequently, he also added responsibility for environmental regulations.

Cassina has been dealing with these issues for over 25 years, first in an engineering company, leading it to Iso 14000 certification, and then as a consultant for a major Italian food group.

«Along this path I have discovered that, as far as environmental regulations are concerned, the margins of interpretation vary greatly in Italy from municipality to municipality. My approach, which I brought to ReeR, is to always comply with the most stringent regulations, to make sure we are in compliance in any case».

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Roberto Mina

Production and Quality Director

Over the course of three decades, the company has experienced growth, transformation, and successful establishment in both the Italian and international markets. Undoubtedly, his contribution has played a crucial role in achieving these objective.

«My role is to manage and coordinate the heads of the various departments, SMD, cutting, assembly, warehouse, quality control.
I deal with the various departments on a daily basis, which is essential in order to deal with any problems, define budgets for the purchase of new machines and equipment, and manage space».

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Valter Casetta


Valter Casetta

Export Manager e Technical Sales Manager

Valter Casetta joined ReeR in 2006 as export manager. At that time, this business area was limited to a small portion of Europe: the Asian and American markets were still only a distant horizon.

But it is also thanks to his valuable contribution that ReeR manages to expand internationally with speed and increasing authority in the following years.

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Andrea Vascon

Chief administrative officer

Andrea Vascon has immersed himself in the dynamic world of industry, where the art of production and manufacturing flourishes. With a legacy spanning two decades, he seamlessly integrated into the core of Reer, taking on the pivotal position of Head of the Administration Department from day one.

«The administrative department within ReeR stands as a fertile field for growing skills. It is here that one embraces a multiplicity of responsibilities, paving the way for an enriching and substantial learning journey».

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Our products

Safety Light Curtains

Ensure the safety of your personnel, plant, and machinery by utilizing ReeR safety light curtains. These reliable solutions offer comprehensive coverage for all safety requirements in the realm of industrial automation, guaranteeing optimal safety and efficiency.

Safety Controllers and Interfaces

Discover Mosaic's, our reliable, versatile and configurable Modular Safety Integrated Controller, the ideal solution for managing all safety devices of your machine or plant.

ReeR Safety Interfaces provide dedicated stand-alone modules for controlling safety devices.

Safety Devices

Contactless Safety Sensors: RFID, Proximity and Magnetic, Safety Encoders, Safety Switches with Locking and Interlocking Functions, Safety Photocells and Laser Scanners.


Measurement Light Curtains

Our light curtains for industrial and civil applications dedicated to object detection, measurement and recognition. Micron offers a solution for your every need.



Operator safety is paramount in the use of industrial production machinery.

Some of the applications of ReeR safety products:
Inductive safety sensors typically used in all applications that require safe, non-contact, physical detection of a metal object

Speed control in woodworking machines that use systems for automatic or manual changing of machining tools

The protection of assembly benches and automations with different levels of operator interaction

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Packaging plant

Protecting palletising systems, especially where the material is uneven and not easily stackable, e.g. palletising systems for sacks or other material that is not easily stackable, with seams, labels and protrusions; involves a great deal of difficulty in adapting sensors and control units. To achieve a high degree of flexibility in the plant’s safety system, the light curtains and muting sensors are managed by Mosaic Safety Controller.
This solution makes it easy to adapt the safety system to the plant.

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Process Plant

In process plants, many sensors are analogue: flow meters, level gauges, load cells, pressure switches, temperature gauges, and among them the
sensors that override the safety of the plant.

Mosiac modules with MA4 and MA2 analogue inputs according to the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC, and the EN IEC 61508 series of standards, can be used in process plants, for SIS systems and SIF functions (see IEC 61511-1:2016

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Car Lift, automated parking, Automatic Car wash system are tipical application of safety product in plants related to the automotive supply chain.
Example: In order to achieve significant cost savings and reduce environmental impact, modern car wash facilities allow to adjust the quantity of detergent dispensed and to select the most appropriate washing program automatically.
It is not therefore enough to measure the height of the vehicle and consequently adjust the movement of the brushes, but it becomes necessary to recognize dimensional characteristics and shape of the vehicle.

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Storage systems

Safe speed control systems and systems for measuring objects in automatic warehouses and storage systems are some of the safety and automation applications realised with Mosaic speed control modules and Micron measuring barriers.

Additional operator safety protection can be realised with safety barriers.

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