Behind the scenes


At ReeR we are proud of our team, which works every day to ensure the highest quality of the products we distribute and the satisfaction of our customers.
We are a team and everyone, with their specific qualities, contributes to the success of the company.

The interviews will give you access to the behind the scenes of the brand such as production, sales, customer support, marketing; but above all, you will have the opportunity to get to know the talented team at ReeR, which has always been relentlessly pushing the process of technological innovation and customer centricity.

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Our interviews

Simone Scaravelli

Managing Director

Roberto Mina

Production and Quality Director

Mauro Ferrero

Sales Director

Daniele De Rossi

Market Manager Italy

Marco Paglietta

Marketing and Market Development Director

Valter Casetta

Export and Technical Sales Manager

Andrea Vascon

Chief Administrative Officer

Giuseppe Oliverio

After Sales Service Manager

Maurizio Scarvelli

Purchasing Director

Gianluca Bommarito

EDP Manager

Carlo Pautasso

Technical Director


Light Curtains For Industrial Safety Applications

Protect workers and your plant and machinery safely and efficiently with ReeR safety light curtains. 
Our range of solutions covers every safety need in the field of industrial automation.

Safety Light curtains are electro sensitive devices using one or more light beams, emitted by an Emitter and received by a Receiver, to create an intangible controlled area.
With this solution, you can ensure a safe working environment for your staff, preventing accidents and injuries.

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