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Ensuring safety in the work environment is absolutely essential


ReeR’s safety devices, designed, engineered, and manufactured in Italy, are dedicated to safeguarding machines and industrial plants. Our solutions, backed by the Quality System and certified by TUV Italy in accordance with ISO 9001:2008 standards, provide unparalleled versatility and safety in the automation industry on a global scale. Explore our extensive product range within each category to delve into the specifics of our industry-leading offerings.

Our products

Safety light curtains

Ensure the safety of your personnel, plant, and machinery by utilizing ReeR safety light curtains. These reliable solutions offer comprehensive coverage for all safety requirements in the realm of industrial automation, guaranteeing optimal safety and efficiency.

Safety Controllers and Interfaces

Discover Mosaic’s, our reliable, versatile and configurable Modular Safety Integrated Controller, the ideal solution for managing all safety devices of your machine or plant.

ReeR Safety Interfaces provide dedicated stand-alone modules for controlling safety devices.

Safety Devices

Contactless Safety Sensors: RFID, Proximity and Magnetic, Safety Encoders, Safety Switches with Locking and Interlocking Functions, Safety Photocells and Laser Scanners.
Choose the most suitable device for your project and be assured of ReeR technology and quality

Measurement Light Curtains

Our light curtains for industrial and civil applications dedicated to object detection, measurement and recognition. Micron offers a solution for your every need.


ReeR offers a wide range of accessories, including brackets, cables, floor columns, and various components that are essential for the successful completion of your project.

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